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Maximizing Your Restaurant Takeout Pictures For Content

Our region of the state has recently rolled out additional restrictions for restaurants and they are only able to offer takeout or delivery options.  Content is more needed than ever to get your customers in the door — or on the phone or on your app! — but you may feel limited by the kinds of pictures you can take.  Let’s be honest, not a lot of food looks super photogenic in a Styrofoam container.  Here are my tips for maximizing your content around a takeout and delivery message:

Shoot Beautiful Tablescapes

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People aren’t so literal that they’ll think you’re packaging up the plate for them.  Don’t discount these hero images for your Facebook cover or repurpose and resize them from different angles for Instagram.  You want people to imagine they have all of these delicious dishes lined up in front of them — even it it’s at home!  Take time to showcase your dishes to their fullest potential even if it means using real plates.  People eat with their eyes first and a dark shot of some food in a togo container isn’t going to cut it.

Show Them How to Order

How to you want your customers to reach you?  Have online ordering or an app?  Do a quickie screen record of how to use your mobile app or website.

Want them to give you a call? Make a graphic with your phone number or do a funny meme with “customer service representatives are standing by” or show one of your top employees waiting by the phone. Or make a quickie video showing them how to use your site and how mobile friendly it is!

And put it out there … a lot.  Not the same exact piece of content, but you really can’t get your call to action out there enough.  Post about it AT LEAST once a week in a dedicated post and mention it in many of your other posts.

Showcase Safety

Pop a mask on your logo, send an email to your customers about your safety measures, show a contactless delivery, make a list of safety requirements you email with every takeout order confirmation.  Let them know safety is at the top of your list and that they can feel comfortable and safe ordering from you!

Seek Out User-Generated Content

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Get pictures of your food being enjoyed in the wild!  Ask customers to tag you at home, monitor your local hashtags or just straight up ask your best customers for their pictures.  This takes the pressure off of you and lets people see the connection you make with your customers!

Tell Your Story

Food pictures are important — food is the reason people are coming to your restaurant, right?  But mix story shots in with your food pics as well.  Show the food being prepped, show a picture of the chef, talk with the staff.   Remind your customers of the people behind the business.  Sometimes I see the “eat local” hashtag or message pushed almost aggressively.  When you remind them of your story and the people behind the business, they won’t need to be reminded to eat local, they’ll be invested in you and your story as well!

Any other tips I missed?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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