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Make a Mindset Shift on Your Social

In this post I’m sharing my favorite takeaway  from the first session of Social Media Marketing World’s Facebook Summit!

This week I’ve been so grateful to tune in to Social Media Marketing World’s Facebook Summit.  Normally an in-person event, this year it — like so many other events — has gone completely virtual.   This amazing line-up of the industry experts in Facebook is kind of like Christmas Day for a digital marketer and I had my headset ready and the volume cranked up the second the sessions opened!

They came out swinging with the first session with a presentation by Facebook’s Premier Marketing Expert Mari Smith.   Mari shared a lot of great info that I can’t wait to cascade to my clients and start implementing in client strategy going forward, but one thing really stuck with me when it came to thinking about Facebook — “Make a mindset shift.”

It can be so easy to get a bit of a chip on your shoulder about Facebook’s reach and engagement. Especially those that experienced the halcyon days of incredible post reach without any kind of boost or advertising.  Right now organic reach on Facebook pages is hovering at about 6% and that’s on the high end.  I think this leaves a lot of people wondering if Facebook is even worth the time?  Like, “I used to reach 10,000 no big deal and call that a Tuesday but now the only people who like my posts are my mom and my grandma?!”

She definitely talked strategy and what businesses can do to really maximize their presence on Facebook and these are tips I’d love to use to help you grow your business presence on Facebook, but the ultimate advice was to have a mindset shift about the platform as a whole.  There are definitely things that can turn you off to Facebook — waaaay lower organic engagement, sometimes it becomes a negative space, it’s largely pay-to-play for businesses but, as Mari said, when else in history have we had such a targeted and direct way to reach our ideal customers?  Shift your mindset from how it used to be to the amazing business tool it still is.

I’m not in any way promoting false positivity here, but I do think there’s something to the saying (not sure if it’s a saying actually, but let’s make it a thing 🙂 “what you expect to see is what you get.”  Do you expect that Facebook is just going to be a waste of time?  Or on a larger scale, do you expect that you’re too set in your ways to really learn social media?  Or you do feel like social media is a chore and you dread finding something to post every day?  Let’s mindset shift it — you are the #1 expert in how to connect with your customers and you can absolutely learn anything that’s in front of you.  Social media is one more thing on your to do list, but it’s an amazing conduit to your customers too!

Is there anywhere in your social strategy you need a mindset shift?  Dealing with negative reviews?  Not wanting to learn one more platform?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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