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Quick Guide to Scheduling to Facebook Content Creator’s Studio, Facebook Desktop edition

The Facebook Content Creator’s Studio is live and I’m here to share some easy tips to use this amazing free tool to schedule to your Facebook account through the desktop Creator’s Studio.

As someone who’s big on scheduling (tip #1 of my 5 Tips to Social Media Success you can find here).  I was beyond excited to hear that with Facebook’s Content Creator’s Studio you could schedule to BOTH Facebook and Instagram for free.  I wanted to give you a step-by-step guide for both Facebook and Instagram because I’m someone who gets frustrated when it’s not 100% clear what to do.  I’m breaking it out into three guides (Facebook Desktop Guide, Facebook Mobile App Guide and Instagram Desktop Guide –no Instagram Mobile Scheduling option as of yet) since it’s pretty screenshot heavy. But hopefully with these quick guides, you’ll be on your way to successful scheduling in no time.   Check out my Instagram guide here.

First, Why Use This Tool At All?

I think it’s fair to say Facebook’s had a lot of ideas.  Some good, some meh.  Basically this desktop tool and app is a good one stop shop for creating and scheduling content and viewing all your created and scheduled content.  For anyone who’s gone to schedule a post, only to be told to head to Publishing Tools at the very last step, this tool is for you.  I’ll be digging in more to everything that’s offered here and following up with more posts on the most useful features.

Step 1:  Head to Content Creator’s Studio (Desktop)

First, on desktop, head to https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/ or if you like to arrive at websites via Google search, just be warned that there are a TON of ads for this search query.  A ton.  Below is what you’re looking for:

how to schedule to instagram from content creator's studio

Here’s a screenshot of your initial homescreen.  If your Instagram and Facebook pages are already linked through the Instagram app, you’ll see both your Facebook and Instagram icons on top.  If you manage multiple pages, you’ll see those in bubbles in the left hand corner and can toggle between accounts that way.

how to guide facebook content creators studio

Step 2:  Write a post

From your Facebook dashboard, you can write a post, story or go live.  If you’d like to schedule a post, here’s where it gets just a bit tricky.  You’ll act like you’d like to write a post (stories and lives can’t be scheduled at this time, but the word on the street is that story scheduling will be rolling out soon — I’m ready!)

If you’re ready to schedule from the dashboard, head to “post something”.

Add in your picture, video, poll, etc. as normal.  This screen is super similar to the normal publisher.

Step 3:  Get Ready to Schedule

When your post is ready to schedule, click the small arrow next to the publish button.schedule a facebook post on creator studio

That button pops up an option to schedule, backdate it or save as a draft that you’ll see below.

Click schedule and you’ll see a box like below to set your date and time.  Facebook lets you schedule quite a few months out, so you can really take a long-term approach to planning if that’s a good fit for you.

schedule to facebook content creators studio

Step 5:  Click Schedule button

Once you’ve set your date and time, click the schedule button.

schedule to facebook content creators studio

Step 6:  Review Your Scheduled Posts

This step definitely cannot be overstated.  Always give your posts another read aloud for grammar and spelling.  In addition, go in AT LEAST once a week to make sure nothing has changed that affects your scheduled posts (closed an extra day, promotion ended early, you’re out of the special, etc.).  This is so key in maintaining trust with your viewers that what you put on social media is timely and accurate.  

Two options to view your scheduled posts from the Dashboard.  Option #1, is to head to the “scheduled posts” area in the lower righthand corner of the home screen.

schedule to facebook in content creators studio

Or head to Content Library in either of the spots pictured here:

schedule to facebook in content creators studio

There you’ll see a screen like this …

And just choose the “scheduled” tab at the top. and you’ll get a list of all your scheduled posts where you can click in, proof them, reschedule them or return them to a draft if necessary.

If you’re ready to roll on Instagram as well, check out my step by step scheduling guide here. Any other part of Content Creator’s Studio you’d like a step-by-step guide on, tell me in the comments!

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