Email Marketing

An affordable, easy and direct route to your customers

“We have a customer email list, but we don’t really do anything with it.”

I get it.  So much goes into running a profitable business, that the last thing on your list may be managing one more thing!  However, according to a Hubspot survey, 91% of people use email. While this was one of the oldest digital marketing tools — oldest in this case being about 1995 — but it remains one of the most used.  How many times have you stayed in the loop with one of your favorite brands, discovered a sale or made a purchase because of an email your received?

If your customers took the time to entrust you with their email address (and this is a trust situation.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super leery of handing out my email.  Like do I really want to hear from you?!?) that means they want to hear from you!  Or if email marketing hasn’t really been on your radar yet, it’s time to really think about it.  It’s easy, largely free and you don’t count on any algorithm to get in front of your audience.  You land in their inbox and they just have to click open!

Let’s reach your customers with well-designed and effective nurture sequences, product announcements and all the info they need to stay connected with your business.